Schell & Oglesby, LLC

a Middle Tennessee Law Firm

We serve clients in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood,
and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area.

Schell & Oglesby, LLC is a law firm of established attorneys with diverse law experience who have formed a powerhouse practice to serve the residents of Tennessee in cases that require incisive analysis, versatile knowledge, and fast-thinking trial experience.

Our attorneys’ experience includes professorial tenure, published cases, certified mediation skills, appellate services, leadership in professional education, law seminar engagements, plaintiff and defendant courtroom litigation.

Our firm focuses on the practice of family law, civil/business litigation, criminal defense, estate planning & probate, and real estate law. Whatever your legal needs, we stand ready to represent your interests.

How may our attorneys serve you?

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P. Edward Schell


Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Appellate Law, Probate and Estate Planning, and Personal Injury Law

James T. Oglesby


Real Estate Law, Probate Law, Estate Planning, and Small Business Law

David H. Veile


Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Business Litigation, and Family Law

Sean R. Aiello


Divorce/Post-Divorce, Custody, Estate Planning, Appeals, Civil and Commercial Litigation, and Real Estate

Elizabeth A. Russell


Divorce/Post-Divorce, Civil and Criminal Litigation