Appellate Law Practice

Unparalleled Advocacy, Effective Appeals and Safeguards

Our attorneys are your unparalleled advocates in all post-trial litigation – including appeals and post-hearing motions. At Schell & Oglesby, LLC,  we are prepared to advise our clients on the most effective issues to raise on appeal after an unfavorable ruling. 

We offer strategic guidance on timing of filing and prepare the strongest oral argument to produce results on appeal. How do we do it? Through an elevated knowledge of the law, strong writing and analysis, and deep experience in applying the intricacies of appellate procedure. 

We use that same knowledge and experience to safeguard against appeals. With the ever-present possibility of appeal, our attorneys work initially on the trial level to protect the record for appeal and to shape arguments and objections to best safeguard issues for presentation to the appellate court. 

Leverage Our Skill and Experience for Your Appellate Court Needs

Our attorneys represent both existing clients through trial and the appellate process up to the Tennessee Supreme Court as well as new clients seeking a fresh legal perspective on their case from new counsel.

Our firm can also serve as a resource or co-counsel for any trial attorney in need of strategic support in drafting and filing appellate briefs and writs, providing technical experience with the specialized appellate rules of procedure, and presenting arguments to the appellate judicial panel. 

Whatever your appellate court needs, the varied skill and experieddnce of our attorneys make Schell & Oglesby, LLC the most effective choice for your case.