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Bullying And Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The issue of bullying has become increasingly complex and scary, particularly in the cyber world and for children. More and more parents are forced to seek legal counsel to help remedy injustices experienced by their children. Recently, a mother in Florida decided to sue the bullies who tormented her daughter...

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Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee

The goal of antenuptial agreements is to protect parties who have already accumulated wealth and are considering marriage or as in most cases remarriage. Many times a person contemplating remarriage already has children by a prior marriage.

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What to Know About Injuries in School

Injuries that occur at school can be troublesome for all parents and students, not just the parents of an injured child. Public school systems consider student and teacher safety as the primary security concern at school, but accidents do happen.

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Social Media Costs

Personal injury lawsuits are filed every single day by a wide variety of different people and for a range of different reasons. Whether you were in an accident or were involved in an accident on the job, personal injury lawsuits can greatly benefit you in terms of helping you receive...

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What is “Custody”

Every divorce or paternity case in Tennessee involving children will result in a Permanent Parenting Plan that was either agreed to by the parties or ordered by a Judge. This plan will establish important guidelines for your children such as the day to day calendar, child support, and health insurance...

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