Social Media Costs

Social Media Costs a Woman Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawsuits are filed every single day by a wide variety of different people and for a range of different reasons. Whether you were in an accident or were involved in an accident on the job, personal injury lawsuits can greatly benefit you in terms of helping you receive compensation and money for lost wages and damages.

While it’s easy to understand what a personal injury case is and why someone would file one, it’s equally as important for you to understand how your social media page can ultimately affect the outcome of the case in general.

An Example of Social Media Evidence

Social media postings from before and after an accident are taken into account during a personal injury trial. This reality was recently brought home to Sarah Tambosso, a woman who filed a personal injury case for two car accidents.

She claimed that the accidents drastically changed her life for the worse, leading to depression. When her social media postings from after the accident were brought to the attention of the judge, it was determined that her claim was invalidated and her case was thrown out of court. This is a prime example for how social media is being used when it comes to personal injury claims.

This excerpt from The National Post gives more insight into her social media activity:

Evidence put forward by the defense, including hours of video surveillance and 194 pages from Tambosso’s Facebook account, showed the plaintiff in numerous social settings — drinking and river tubing with friends, attending costume parties, performing at a karaoke competition — which were “completely inconsistent” with someone suffering from psychological trauma, the judge said.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Social Media

There are many benefits and some disadvantages to social media being used for these types of cases. For one, social media is a way for the court to know if someone is making a story up, or exaggerating the affects of an accident. For example, if a person claims he or she cannot work because of an accident and then posts pictures on his or her social media page where he or she us doing heavy labor, climbing or is at work.

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage to social media being taken into account when personal injury claims are concerned. For instance, people may feel uncomfortable posting certain things, fearing it could hurt their case, even if it’s as simple as a family picture playing outside with their kids.

Be Aware & Use Caution

Social media is going into the courtroom and many people are losing their personal injury cases because of it. Posts, pictures and other things added to your page could either make or break your case in mere seconds. Be aware that your social media page could be looked at with a magnifying glass if you recently filed a personal injury claim, and be especially aware of everything you post.

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident, it is important to consider a personal injury lawyer. When it comes to using social media before and during a personal injury lawsuit, remember to think before you post. As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.