Civil & Business Litigation Attorneys

Expertise, Care, and Attention to Detail

At Schell & Oglesby, LLC we represent our clients in a broad selection of general civil and business matters, regularly advising clients on negotiating, protecting, and managing business and employment interests. Our attorneys provide guidance and the expertise required to navigate the formation of for profit and non-profit corporations, including the drafting and registering of all required formation documents as well as resolving disputes that may arise between members, employees, and shareholders. In addition, we offer support in the enforcement of contractual rights and protection of creditor and debtor interests.

Civil & Business Legal Services

Schell & Oglesby advises clients across a broad range of services, including:

Business Disputes

The attorneys at Schell & Oglesby have extensive experience in litigating and negotiating the resolutions of complex business disputes between competing companies as well as internal disputes amongst partners, members, and shareholders. 

Contract Negotiation and Enforcement

Our attorneys can assist in drafting, enforcing, and negotiating contracts for sale, transfer, labor, construction, waiver, and other civil matters. Ensuring that your contract is enforceable and comprehensive requires expertise, care, and attention to detail which our attorneys can provide.

Breach of Contract

Even with a clear, lawful, and enforceable contract, parties may need assistance in compelling performance, payments or other obligations, or recoupment of damages. Our attorneys work with you to protect your contractual rights through both the negotiation and litigation process.

Employment/Severance Agreements

Whether an employer or employee, our attorneys can craft terms of employment and severance agreements to meet your needs. Schell & Oglesby can review these agreements and inform you of your rights and responsibilities as an employer or employee so that you can make knowledgeable decisions regarding employment and termination.

Noncompete Agreements

The scope duration, and geographic restrictions of a noncompete employment agreement may impact the enforceability and ultimate validity of the stated restriction. Schell & Oglesby can provide guidance as to the effectiveness and legal effect of your noncompete constraints.


Whether forming a new business venture or resolving disputes within existing partnerships, Schell & Oglesby, provides the knowledge and experience necessary to meet your needs.

Debt Collection

Schell & Oglesby provides the support to both prosecute and defend against actions to collect debt and judgments including navigating the intimidating arenas of garnishments, levies, liens, and bankruptcies.

Business Formation and Dissolution

The attorneys of Schell & Oglesby provide guidance on the formation and managing of corporations and limited liability companies, including: Facilitating the proper registering with the State of Tennessee Drafting of charters and other organizational documents And managing corporate formalities Schell & Oglesby can also facilitate the termination of business ventures and direct the distribution of assets and interests as well as manage creditor resolutions. You deserve comprehensive, detail-oriented, expert legal support. Whatever your civil and business legal needs, Schell & Oglesby can assist and advise you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Non-profit Corporations

Schell & Oglesby can provide the expertise required for the formation, managing, and dissolution of non-profit corporations as well as provide guidance on obtaining federal 501(c)(3) certification. The specialized consideration of charitable and educational organizations requires the careful compliance with business formalities, drafting of comprehensive bylaws and organizational documents, and adherence to state and federal regulations. Our attorneys are well versed in the intricacies involved and can help you navigate this complicated process.